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The Football Field

Last month, we introduced the idea that a lot of what happens at Q can be analogous to football. To recap, creative and smart strategy in addition to identifying strengths and weaknesses results in a win; or, in agencyQ’s case, delivering a product that exceeds client expectations.

After planning – whether it’s watching countless hours of game tape or spending countless hours at the office preparing a deliverable strategy – comes execution. The coaches, our team of experts, invested time and knowledge into coming up with the game plan; now comes the time for Q to deliver.  Facilitated by the digital producers, our skilled developers work as a team with business analysis, quality control, UX, and design to execute what needs to be done in order to get the win.  BA, developers, QC, UX, design – we all rely on each other. The product can’t be completed without the effort of every area, just as a game cannot be won without linebackers, safeties and wide receivers.  Not only do we all work together to produce a win, but as a team we plan for contingencies: what needs to happen should one of the proposed tactics not work due to a software or browser issue? What if the product unexpectedly continues to throw a server error that prevents accessibility? At Q, these are our interceptions, our injuries.  Good football teams overcome such problems with good coaching, talented players, teamwork and depth. Sound familiar? That’s exactly how Q is able to overcome such problems – good leadership and talented team players.

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Responsive Website Design: What You Need To Know

Take a minute and look at your site’s analytics. Don’t worry, we can wait.

Now take a good look at where all of those Unique Monthly Visitors (UMVs) are coming from.  Those numbers represent an evolving mobile trend that is changing the way consumers access the web every day. Mobile web access is projected to overtake desktop as early as 2014.

Ask yourself, have you prepared your site for the mobile revolution?

You might want to consider Responsive web design.

Responsive Design

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Beyond The Necessity For QC

When I tell people unfamiliar with the tech industry, “Oh, I’m a Quality Control Analyst,” I’m usually met with blank stares. “I look for bugs in the applications that we build and ensure that all functionality is working the way it’s supposed to.”  Sounds simple enough; however, the necessity for quality control in any development is abundant.   Businesses, organizations, associations – anyone with a need for a website, mobile or desktop application – are selling something. Whether it’s an actual product, services, an idea, a message – the application is a reflection of your brand. If it’s not packaged correctly –  if a page doesn’t load or a link doesn’t work –  it puts your credibility at risk.  Let’s take a look at two of the biggest QC “fails” within the past year:

Most notably, the Mitt Romney mobile application developed to support his 2012 Presidential Campaign, “With Mitt,” embarrassingly featured a misspelled “America” – front and center.  A minor typo spawned a number of jokes, parodies and criticism, essentially making Romney, a prominent public figure, the butt of jokes, at least for that day.


Apple, one of the world’s largest, most profitable and recognizable brands, decided to kick Google Maps to the curb in favor of its own Map system with the iOS 6 update. Unfortunately, Apple’s own application poorly mapped out locations, providing inferior directions; in addition to missing entries for entire towns, incorrectly placed locations, incorrect locations given for simple queries and satellite imagery obscured by clouds.

maps(iPhone in Canada)

With a solid QC team in place, these blunders could have been avoided, in turn keeping both a strong reputation and their names out of the news.

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Friday Tech Link Round Up

Microsoft Swallows Their Pride: Remember the days when Microsoft was a tyrannical dictator with such monumental flops as the Zune? Those times have certainly come to an end.  Reacting to outcry over the Digital Rights Management terms outlined for the release of Xbox One, Microsoft has taken major steps to appease the gaming community.  This move to immediate product innovation could mark the advent of a new Microsoft.  Has social media and community management ushered in a golden age of customer service? Only time will tell.

To read more about Microsoft’s response click HERE.

Q Team Knocks It Out Of The Park With NCARB: This week agencyQ launched a new interactive site for the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.  The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) protects the public health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of the practice of architecture through the development and application of standards for licensure and credentialing of architects.

Click HERE to check out the great site by our Q team!

Instagram’s Line In The Sand: This week tech giant Facebook introduced an update to Instagram drawing a line in the sand for content creators around the world.  Their introduction of video may be an app killer for Vine as the world now has a choice, 6 seconds or 15.  Opponents from both sides are now waging war for mpeg supremacy.  Which side are you on?

To read more about Instagram’s roll out of video click HERE.

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How the “Harlem Shake” Took the Internet By Storm

Internet sensations like the “Harlem Shake” don’t just appear over night, no matter how much marketers want them to.  They take time, creativity, and, like the “Harlem Shake,” the power of influencers to make them happen.  It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the world to make a video go viral.  Check out the agencyQ infographic below to see the rise of the “Harlem Shake.”

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