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The Obameter: A Look At The 2013 Inauguration From Those Who Were There

Monday’s historic Presidential Inauguration took weeks of careful planning and attention to detail as Obama was sworn in for his second term.   One million+ supporters came out to support the President and capture each moment for their friends and family.  Check out the agencyQ “Obameter” below for a look at some of the most interesting event planning, facts and photos from the attendees!

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Notice Anything Different on Facebook? Big Changes are Happening

If you’ve noticed that Facebook has been a little buggy lately, you’re not alone and there are several reasons why. In response to mounting competition, Facebook is in the process of rolling out major changes. Whether you are a Facebook power user, or only log on occasionally to view pictures of friends and family, this list of changes has something for everyone.

You No Longer Need 25 Fans To Get A Custom Page URL

Historically, a major pain point for Facebook page managers was the need to wait to accumulate the 25 fans necessary to create a custom page URL once a page had been created. Those vanity extensions go quickly, and it can be frustrating to watch some of the best fits for a brand disappear while you work to build your fan base. And who want to refer their earliest fans to a long, unmemorable URL with a bunch of numbers at the end. Well take heart. As of this week, once you hang that digital shingle, the option to select a vanity URL is yours.

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The Week’s Top Tweets (August 5)

1. 3 Ingredients to build a successful mobile marketing campaign
By Stacy Lewis for Mobile Marketer Daily

Jumping into mobile but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone, and articles like this are written for them any marketers out there who are interested in adopting this channel but searching for best practices.

Takeaways: Promotion and messaging – which are among the strategies in the article – are age old marketing principles. But the importance of exclusivity is an important differentiator for mobile and social media marketing efforts. Tailoring promotions, offering “VIP” access and helping members of your audience feel like they are “in on” something unique is an important strategy for successful efforts in this space.

2. How to Incorporate Influencers into Content Marketing
By AMANDA MAKSYMIW for The Content Marketing Institute Blog

Content marketing is absolutely critical, but where do influencers fit? Do you even know what influencer marketing is? Amanda Maksymiw breaks it down on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

Takeaways: Influencer marketing isn’t new and you may actually already be doing it – marketers have been engaging with the people and groups that their target audience looks to for information for a very long time. But did you know that content marketing and influencer marketing need to work together? The article is full of takeaways, but this line sums it up: “By engaging in ongoing conversations with key bloggers, reporters and other influencers, they will be more apt to share your content and refer to you as a thought leader in the space.” Their insight, behavior and feedback can also inform your approach to content going forward, so don’t ignore this critical audience as you define your marketing plans for 2010!

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The Week’s Top Tweets (July 29)

1. 6 Things to Know About Using QR Codes in Content Marketing
By Nate Riggs on the Content Marketing Institute Blog

In our most popular tweeted post from last week, Nate Riggs provides a summary of statistics on QR code adoption and its increasing applicability in the market.

Takeaways: It seems like people have been talking about QR codes for ages, but in the absence of really strong case studies, its touch for a lot of businesses to see where the technology is going and whether it’s worth integrating into their marketing strategies. This article offers several great points to consider before adopting QR codes as a marketing tactic, including creating the right landing page (sending folks to a page that isn’t optimized for mobile is a HUGE don’t) and keeping things simple. Remember, a QR code is intended to be a point of conversion – keep the clutter out.

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The Week’s Top Tweets (July 22)

1. Mobile to grow to $1.2B by 2011 – faster than PC, Web advertising: J.P. Morgan
On Mobile Marketer Daily

You’ve probably heard that mobile devices are overtaking PC’s among consumers in terms of purchase preference and Internet use, but how does that translate into advertising spend?

Takeaways: The opening line says it all, “Mobile advertising has reached critical mass and will double this year to reach a total of approximately $1.2 billion.” But what does that mean for your business? If you think it means you should jump on the mobile advertising bandwagon, not so fast. The platform is growing and chances are, your audience is definitely there. However, as the article states, smaller screen real estate, creative limitations, the need for consistent formats and ROI metrics present challenges for mobile advertisers that can’t be ignored. Additionally, ad revenue for mobile advertising is consistently lower than traditional Internet advertising. None of these factors should serve as deterrents from pursuing mobile advertising altogether, but rather than rushing to allocate resources toward mobile advertising, be smart about it and make sure that it is part of a more high-level, multichannel marketing strategy.

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