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Tech Crunch Disrupt- Top 5 Start Ups to Watch

Tech Crunch Discrupt NY

This Wednesday marked the end of another successful Tech Crunch Disrupt conference in New York City. While the travel and conference costs kept many techies at bay, Tech Crunch did an impressive job streaming the events live. Based in Washington, members of the agencyQ team followed along during keynote speeches and the hackathon presentation as they unfolded. While there were hundreds of businesses and start-ups featured, there were a couple that really caught our attention.

Here are Q’s Tech Crunch top 5 start ups to watch in 2013:

1. Rambler- Hackathon Winner, Purchase location visualization

2. Vox Creative

3. Floored- 3D real estate mapping

4. News Genius- Applying Rap Genius annotation to current news

5. Adafruit- Helping people get more comfortable with their own electronics


Click HERE to read a full list of the participants and leave your favorite below in the comment section!

Featured image by Eventful.

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How the “Harlem Shake” Took the Internet By Storm

Internet sensations like the “Harlem Shake” don’t just appear over night, no matter how much marketers want them to.  They take time, creativity, and, like the “Harlem Shake,” the power of influencers to make them happen.  It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the world to make a video go viral.  Check out the agencyQ infographic below to see the rise of the “Harlem Shake.”

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The Obameter: A Look At The 2013 Inauguration From Those Who Were There

Monday’s historic Presidential Inauguration took weeks of careful planning and attention to detail as Obama was sworn in for his second term.   One million+ supporters came out to support the President and capture each moment for their friends and family.  Check out the agencyQ “Obameter” below for a look at some of the most interesting event planning, facts and photos from the attendees!

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Free Facebook cover photo template

You know what I missed most about MySpace other than filling out surveys in the bulletin boards or Tom’s smiling, thumbs-up photo in my Top 10?

I missed being able to brand myself on my profile page. Yeah, I was that kid who customized my MySpace page. So when Facebook’s new Timeline rolled out, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful, large space at the top of my profile page for what Facebook calls a cover photo. I’ve seen so many incredibly creative approaches to the cover photos that incorporate the overlapping profile pictures and started coming up with something of my own. However, that meant figuring out the dimensions of the cover photo area, the exact size and placement of the profile picture and its relation to the rest of the profile.

Lucky for you, I did all of this work for you in an easy, free, downloadable Photoshop document. Get creative, have fun and show us your cover photos!


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Notice Anything Different on Facebook? Big Changes are Happening

If you’ve noticed that Facebook has been a little buggy lately, you’re not alone and there are several reasons why. In response to mounting competition, Facebook is in the process of rolling out major changes. Whether you are a Facebook power user, or only log on occasionally to view pictures of friends and family, this list of changes has something for everyone.

You No Longer Need 25 Fans To Get A Custom Page URL

Historically, a major pain point for Facebook page managers was the need to wait to accumulate the 25 fans necessary to create a custom page URL once a page had been created. Those vanity extensions go quickly, and it can be frustrating to watch some of the best fits for a brand disappear while you work to build your fan base. And who want to refer their earliest fans to a long, unmemorable URL with a bunch of numbers at the end. Well take heart. As of this week, once you hang that digital shingle, the option to select a vanity URL is yours.

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