This Week’s Top Tweets (December 10)

1. 11 WordPress Plugins You’ve Gotta Have
By zubin kutar on Social Media Today

At Q, we use WordPress both as a blogging platform and as a CMS system for select clients. While it seems basic on the surface, WordPress can be really powerful with the right customizations and this is a great list of Plugins that can help you take your blog or WordPress site to the next level.

Takeaways: In addition to showing you just how much WordPress is capable of with the right amount of enhancement, the article closes with a great point about Plugins and SEO. These Plugins won’t get you on the first page in Google search,  but the right ones can help you get close when combined with strong on-site content and off-page SEO.

2. How Much Will You Spend on Social-Media Marketing Next Year?
By Debra Aho Williamson for Ad Age Digital Next

If you’re like most marketers, answering this question is getting harder as social media becomes the norm, but tracking ROI remains a mystery.

Takeaway: The author is spot on with her assertion that even though you may struggle to assign a dollar amount to your social media efforts, you can still take a holistic approach but incorporating social media tools into your marketing planning from the very beginning. Could it be that we’re asking the wrong question here? Maybe the true solution is to improve your overall strategy so it is inclusive of all the tools that are now available to marketers (and appropriate for your business). Follow Williamson’s advice by focusing less on how much you should spend and more on putting your dollars to work for real, quantifiable results.

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