This Week’s Top Tweets (July 23)

1. 5 Big Brands That Are Using Facebook Games To Reach New Audiences
by Neil Vidyarthi on Social Times

This great post from Social Times shows how big brands are using Facebook Games to promote products for better or for worse.

Takeaways: Some of the examples in the post work well while others don’t but the takeaway for marketers is that marrying interactive marketing with gold old fashioned fun in an effort to connect with your customers is a practice we can all benefit from.

2. 20+ Demos Showing Advanced jQuery Effects
on WebDesigner Depot

There’s no denying that jQuery is gaining in popularity as an alternative to Flash, particularly in light of Apple’s aversion to Adobe’s time-tested interactive darling. While Flash continues to be a big player, if you’re a developer, you probably want to know which effects you’re used to creating in Flash can be replicated in jQuery. This post will get you started.

Takeaways: Flash is far from dead, but there are a variety of alternatives available now that allow you to offer something new to your clients.

A hat tip to Q’s fearless leader Tim Neill for authoring this week’s most popular post. The link to his piece on pitfalls to avoid when undergoing a rebrand after an acquisition was this week’s top tweet. If you haven’t checked it out already (and you should), you can read it here.

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