This Week’s Top Tweets (June 25)

1. How to create a side blog with WordPress 3.0

by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Cats Who Code

Hot on the heels of the eagerly anticipated release of WordPress 3.0, Jean-Baptise Jung on Cats Who Code provides a tutorial showing bloggers how to create a side blog listing products using the WordPress 3.0 custom post type feature. The post covers post type creation, adding data and creating a page template to list custom post types.

This new feature adds much-needed flexibility to WordPress and enables the platform to go beyond its most common use as a blogging platform and more closely resemble a full-blown CMS. We’re pretty excited about WordPress 3.0 at Q and are getting ready to re-launch the blog with this updated version. What are your favorite new WordPress features? Weigh in in the comments.

2. Optimizing Sitecore development

by Anders Dreyer on Anders Dreyer on Sitecore Development

This oldie but goodie from November 2009 was our most popular shared item this week. After spending close to a year optimizing the processes involved in developing Sitecore solutions in multi-developer setups, Anders Dreyer put together a blog post on the core areas he focused on and the best practices that came out of the exercise.

Takeaways: As noted by the commenters, any time a professional in your industry shares his or her experiences, everybody wins. Yet there seems to be a real need for more developers to step up and talk about their use of various platforms, what they’ve learned and what they have seen work particularly well (or not so well). Blogs are a great platform for sharing this type of information and it is something we are planning to do more often. As a marketer, there is no shortage of marketing-related blogs out there to help me do my job better, but what about folks on the tech side? What developers do you know of that do an especially good job of sharing your experiences?

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