This Week’s Top Tweets (March 11)

1. 9 Ways to Transform Your Website Into a Social Media Hub
By Rich Brooks on Social Media Examiner

There are plenty of resources out there to provide guidance on best practices for social media platforms, but what about using your website as a hub for social media? This post offers 9 great tips for adding social power to your website.

Takeaways: If your website isn’t integrated with your social media profiles, even in a small way, it should be. Integrating social tools to your website adds a human touch to something that is often used as a sales vehicle or online brochure, and social media integration can help increase traffic to your website and drive conversions from places that may not have been expected in the past.

2. Mobile Web Experience Frustrates Heaviest Users
On eMarketer

Mobile isn’t the next big thing – it’s here. No one can deny the significance of mobile and use of mobile devices to consume information and media is increasing every day. The downside is that mobile media consumption comes at a price – reading the news, shopping and playing games on mobile devices haven’t quite caught up to the experiences users have with televisions or computers. According to this eMarketer study, inconsistent user experiences, small screens and slow page load times are causing big time frustration among mobile users.

Takeaway: While you may not have any control over wireless connections speeds or phone designs, this frustration among mobile users presents a solid opportunity for businesses. If you don’t yet have a mobile version of your website, here are three steps you can take to make up for device and network deficiencies in page load times and screen real estate:

  1. Have mobile plugins on your website, so when a mobile device is detected, an interface designed for mobile use is loaded, rather than the normal website
  2. Make sure you have a clean, intuitive navigation that allows users to find what they need quickly – this is a best practice for sites on any format
  3. Gear your website content – or at least your homepage content – toward providing immediate answers to visitors. Mobile users are in a hurry so make sure you provide information clearly right up front and that your CTA is crystal clear.

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