The Week’s Top Tweets (August 5)

1. 3 Ingredients to build a successful mobile marketing campaign
By Stacy Lewis for Mobile Marketer Daily

Jumping into mobile but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone, and articles like this are written for them any marketers out there who are interested in adopting this channel but searching for best practices.

Takeaways: Promotion and messaging – which are among the strategies in the article – are age old marketing principles. But the importance of exclusivity is an important differentiator for mobile and social media marketing efforts. Tailoring promotions, offering “VIP” access and helping members of your audience feel like they are “in on” something unique is an important strategy for successful efforts in this space.

2. How to Incorporate Influencers into Content Marketing
By AMANDA MAKSYMIW for The Content Marketing Institute Blog

Content marketing is absolutely critical, but where do influencers fit? Do you even know what influencer marketing is? Amanda Maksymiw breaks it down on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

Takeaways: Influencer marketing isn’t new and you may actually already be doing it – marketers have been engaging with the people and groups that their target audience looks to for information for a very long time. But did you know that content marketing and influencer marketing need to work together? The article is full of takeaways, but this line sums it up: “By engaging in ongoing conversations with key bloggers, reporters and other influencers, they will be more apt to share your content and refer to you as a thought leader in the space.” Their insight, behavior and feedback can also inform your approach to content going forward, so don’t ignore this critical audience as you define your marketing plans for 2010!

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