This Week’s Top Tweets (April 22)

1. 10 Measures Of Facebook ROI For Your Brand
By Neil Glassman on All Facebook

ROI for social media channels is still a confusing topic for many marketers and Facebook certainly plays a big role in contributing to that confusion. This article offers a great list of metrics to explore using to evaluate the effectiveness of your Facebook presence.

Takeaway: This list is a great start, but it isn’t comprehensive. It also isn’t necessary for every organization to measure everything on the list. Finally, while the list is helpful at a high level, what it doesn’t do is explain how each of these metrics can be evaluated. While the native functionality of Facebook’s Insights for pages continues to show incremental improvement, third-party measurement and analytics tools such as Google Analytics (web) and Omniture (web, mobile and social) are often necessary to take the deep dive into analytics required to truly evaluate ROI. Facebook can tell you at a high level who likes your page and how your content is being consumed, but engagement, conversions and SEO impact require more robust evaluation.

2. Zoove: Something Better Than QR Codes
By Kunur Patel in Ad Age Digital

If you, like the author, are reluctant to jump on the QR code party bus, there is an alternative. With fewer hurdles between consumers and direct-response content (no camera or app is required), Zoove allows people to access links to websites, videos, etc. by dialing a number on a mobile phone. In the article Patel covers the tool in depth.

Takeaway: As QR code use finally begins to pick up steam, Patel offers several valid reasons for her own aversion to using this technology. But at a time when smartphone use is experiencing near exponential growth and QR code reader apps are readily available across operating systems, are QR codes really that difficult to use? It’s still a bit early to tell whether consumer response to QR codes has been as enthusiastic as marketers’. If you’re on the fence, or your customers are on the less tech savvy side, Zoove offers a viable option for marketing your services creatively while keeping potential consumer headaches to a minimum.

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