This Week’s Top Tweets (April 8)

1. Facebook Now Allows Profile Pages to Become Business Pages
By Kip Bodnar via Hubspot

As Facebook enjoyed its ascent as a marketing medium, many businesses struggled with its functionality. Before the launch of Facebook Pages, marketers represented their brands and organizations through groups and profiles, only to deal with the frustration and hard work involved in starting from scratch as a page. Now, Facebook offers a profile to business page migration tool, which streamlines the process of making the switch.

Takeaways: While the tool is useful, it isn’t a silver bullet solution. Your avatar and friends will be migrated over, but at this time, you will lose all other content. The upside is that a few of the most frustrating barriers to switching from a profile to a page have been eliminated. This is a big deal, because for businesses, the benefits of having a Facebook page are numerous. Unlike profiles, allow for a much higher number of connections (likes versus friends), have much more sophisticated marketing functionality via applications and iFrames and can be measured via Facebook’s native analytics and more robust third-party measurement tools such as Webtrends and Adobe Omniture.

2. QR Code Best Practices for Gov 2.0
By Sarah Marchetti Van Velsor on the 360 Digital Influence Fresh Influence Blog

As QR codes finally begin to go main stream, this article offers great advice for government marketers looking to leverage this technology.

Takeaway: Like many of our favorite posts, this one is almost literally a list of great takeaways so we won’t ruin it for you. But the overarching value lies in one piece of advice we give to every client seeking to leverage a new technology. Whether it’s a QR code, social media platform or mobile application, approach every new marketing channel with the same strategic lens that you would with an item from the traditional marketing toolbox. Just because something is new, doesn’t mean that strategy, quality control, audience needs or optimization need to go out the window in favor of immediacy. Before you go to market with something shiny and new, make sure it’s right.

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