This Week’s Top Tweets (February 11)

1. Mozilla Rolls Out Do-Not-Track Feature in Firefox 4
By Jack Marshall on ClickZ

Mozilla has launched a “do-not-track feature” in Firefox 4, following calls from the FTC that consumers be provided with options to opt out of online tracking for sales purposes. This ClickZ article notes that industry bodies and browser manufacturers have been experimenting with various tools and technologies to offer consumers more control over online privacy in the wake of increasing FTC scrutiny. But what does this mean for web advertisers?

Takeaways: This article focuses on the legal implications for consumers but doesn’t offer answers for brands. This is a great feature for consumers who are felling fatigued from being targeted by brands both on and offline. But as consumers are given more options for “opting out,” advertisers will face increased challenges to target specific audiences online and to adapt content and create audience profiles for visitors to their business sites.

2. Dramatic Difference in Approach to Social Media Metrics
On eMarketer

Marketers everywhere are investing more in social media this year and there is a huge focus on ROI. But while marketers in general are moving to the beat of the same drum but focusing on social, eMarketer offers insights into the dramatic differences among them when it comes to measurement.

Takeaway: While many people still subscribe to the belief that social media success is a numbers game (i.e., fans, followers, likes, etc.), like everything else in the marketing tool box, what it really comes down to is revenue.  The majority of respondents included in the survey highlighted cited website traffic, social network connections and social media sentiment as their top metrics for evaluating social media activities in 2010, but the tide appears to be shifting for 2011. Conversions and revenue, which were shockingly lower priority metrics last year are making huge gains are marketers get smarter about tying social media activities to sales.

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