This Week’s Top Tweets (February 4)

This week’s top tweets were all about mobile.

1. Marketing Mobile Apps Effectively
By Ann Smarty on Search Engine Journal

It may be hard to believe if you work in digital, but mobile is still a new and confusing concept for businesses on the client side. For those who have taken the leap to investing in a mobile application, it can be difficult to understand how to market it effectively. Ann Smarty offers great tips in this article on Search Engine Journal.

Takeaways: While mobile is a different animal from traditional marketing channels, many time-tested best practices can apply to raising the profile of a new application. Further, once the buzz begins, mobile services tend to sell themselves. This combination of inexpensive marketing and organic growth can be enough to mitigate concerns from executives and influence buy-in for your next mobile venture.

2. Why Mobile Platform Wars are Keeping Content Strategies in Flux
By Jim Kerr on Mashable

Content strategy is an ongoing challenge for every platform across every industry so it is no surprise that businesses are struggling to develop solid strategies for mobile. From the diversity of operating systems to varying screen sizes, mobile presents a host of new and frustrating obstacles for businesses.

Takeaways: Strategy is critical, and needs to be informed not by the chaos in the marketplace but by a closer look at the cohesive themes that are beginning to form. Kerr points to the “conversations in the halls” during the recent Consumer Electronics Show, which indicated that the momentum appears to be in favor of HTML5 and web-based solutions. Keeping your eyes and ears to the proverbial ground in order to determine where the trends truly are can go a long way in helping you to cut through the noise and develop a plan for the devices and platforms that are dominating the market.

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