This Week’s Top Tweets (January 7)

1. HOW TO: Use Social Media to Create Better Customer Experiences
By Maria Ogneva on Mashable Business

Businesses have been using social media for customer service for some time, but Mashable offers some great tips on how you can leverage social media tools to create a holistically positive overall experience with your brand for valued clients and customers.

Takeaways: Whether you’re a nonprofit seeking to connect with members and donors or a large corporation like Comcast, there’s room for everyone at the social media table when it comes to engaging constituents.  And beyond engagement, social media tools offer brands of every type great opportunities to “listen” to their audiences – What are they talking about? How do they perceive your brand? How can you contribute to the conversation (without a heavy-handed sales pitch)?

Finally, whether you’re evaluating your social media program for 2011 or just getting started, be sure to follow the author’s advice and ensure that everyone on your internal team is on the same page regarding messaging, data collection and your firm’s social media policies.

2. B2B Possibilities for Mobile
On eMarketer

From social media to mobile, when it comes to determining the impact of new technologies on B2B, it can be tough to find answers. The business of selling services is a radically different animal than B2C and selling something that is often intangible is a challenging art form. This article from eMarketer offers great insights into the opportunities mobile technologies offer companies in this complex space.

Takeaway: While this article focuses primarily on stats regarding mobile usage among key decision-makers, there are critical questions marketers need to consider in light of this data. Is your company’s website mobile or tablet friendly? Are your email marketing campaigns formatted to render well on mobile devices? Are there apps your business could offers to make the lives of your prospects easier or to reinforce your brand?

3. Time Management Tips for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals
By Beth Kanter on Social Media Today

We work with a lot of nonprofits at Q, so we’re well aware of the limited human and financial resources associations and nonprofits often have to manage marketing efforts. Add to this the amount of time and effort that can go into running a successful social media program, and it’s enough to give an in-house nonprofit marketer a migraine. In this article, nonprofit social media guru Beth Kanter offers great insights on how nonprofit marketers can more effectively manage the time they spend on social media efforts.

Takeaway: One of the most common themes when encounter when we discuss social media activities with clients is the amount of time it is perceived to take to develop content for and post to social media sites . But with the right strategy, profile management tools, and specific, time management techniques, bringing your brand into the social space becomes a much less daunting – and rewarding – task.

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