This Week’s Top Tweets (July 8)

1. Break Free of the Digital-Content Trap
By Bob Knorpp for AdAge CMO Strategy

While conventional wisdom dictates that content is king, Bob Knorpp of The BeanCast Marketing Podcast argues that content alone is a dead end for marketers, particularly for digital channels.

Takeaway: Knorpp sums it up well by saying, “The value of Facebook to your customers is not the content you put there. The true value is derived from the experience of connecting with friends.” This is essentially true for any digital channel. Content certainly has its place, but the real value lies in the relationships and engagement patterns formed with your audience over time. Too often marketers focus on click-through rates or impressions, but miss the opportunity to create valuable experiences for their customers. Engagement doesn’t end with “a click, a comment or a share.” Those interactions are only the beginning.

2. Static HTML Is Facebook’s Fastest Growing App Again
On All Facebook

Welcome to nerd central. If you follow All Facebook, you know that they compile a weekly leaderboard for popular Facebook page creation tools. Whether you’re a marketer, developer or designer, this is a great way to keep your fingers on the pulse of the most popular interactive tools on Facebook, from page creation and engagement to video and search.

Takeaway: Static HTML remains the winner both overall and in terms of page creation so it might be a good tool to look into, particularly if your internal capabilities for customization are limited. There are also great stats for emerging networking platforms like BranchOut to help you keep tabs on the next wave of social networking applications. If you have as tough a time as the rest of us keeping up with all of the new and emerging applications floating around, this ongoing list is a great place to start.

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