This Week’s Top Tweets (June 17)

1. Growing Device Markets Mean Opportunities for Publishers, Marketers
From eMarketer

When we think about marketing opportunities for new devices, it’s easy to focus on mobile. However, the changing landscape for communications channels extends beyond smartphones to include e-readers, tablets and other devices that present compelling opportunities for marketers to get in front of consumers in new ways. This report from eMarketer discusses the opportunities that exist for publishers and marketers with these tools.

Takeaways: As prices continue to decline and these devices become more accessible to consumers, adoption rates are exploding. As the audiences and reach for e-readers and tablets continue to grow, publishers and retailers will be challenged to identify the right mix of ebook pricing, paywalls for digital newspapers and emagazine subscriptions to grow their online customer bases without alienating print readers.

2. Google just got serious about mobile
By Colleen Taylor on Gigaom

Many would argue that when it comes to search and browsing, mobile devices have taken a backseat to desktop computers with Google. But a few recent updates indicate that Google is starting to take mobile more seriously.

Takeaway: Voice search, search by image and instant pages not only look cool, but indicate a paradigm shift from attempting to translate the desktop experience to acknowledging mobile as an increasingly dominant platform.

Image credit: Chi Mobile Shop via Flickr Creative Commons

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