This Week’s Top Tweets (June 24)

1. Foursquare’s Top Brands: Old Navy, 7 Eleven, Home Depot
By Christopher Heine on ClickZ

This one isn’t so much full of takeaways as it is general news. As Foursquare reached and exceeded the 10 million user mark, ClickZ summarized the top brands leveraging the platform for marketing purposes. During the past 18 months, use of the platform as a marketing channel has exploded among brands ranging from small local businesses to big names like Ikea and Victoria’s Secret.  Tactics range from rewarding “mayors” of store locations (a title which is becoming harder and harder to come by) to offering discounts and free merchandise for check-ins. And the best news for businesses is that it doesn’t cost a dime to use Foursquare as a marketing platform.

2. Smart contests Part 1: How to design a successful Facebook contest
SmartBlog on Social Media

Contests are the old standby of Facebook marketing. For as long as Facebook has offered businesses the opportunity to engage customers with pages, brands have used contests to increase their footprint on the platform. But the frequent use of this tactic doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it right. Fortunately, Smartbrief comes to the rescue with this post on designing effective Facebook contents.

Takeaway: It’s no coincidence that the questions to consider for launching a Facebook contest are the same as the questions for determining whether to use the platform in the first place (or almost any marketing tool for that matter). Defining your goal, audience and budget and keeping things simple are time testing rules of thumb for any marketing endeavor. And if you’re using a social platform for a promotion, make sure that it engages the user with the tool at hand.

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