This Week’s Top Tweets (June 3)

1. The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter
By Shea Bennett on All Twitter

You’ve probably heard of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ concept of the Five Stages of Grief, but what about the stages of understanding Twitter? Twitter has been around for a while now – an eternity in digital years –  but it remains one of the most misunderstood digital platforms. In this post, Shea Bennett offers a great walk through of the path people often take as they come to understand the relevance – and to many, overall awesomeness – of this platform, from thinking it’s a waste of time to finally “getting” it.

Takeaway: Bennett notes that Kübler-Ross’s work was credited with bringing mainstream awareness to the process of grief and the often treacherous path to coming to grips with significant change, cleverly applying that same notion to the adoption of a new digital platform. While this particular piece focuses on Twitter, it could easily be applied to new-ish marketing channels such as social media and mobile more broadly or specific digital platforms like Twitter and its cousins. For early adopters and technology junkies, these changes are exciting and there can be a lot of frustration with people struggling along the adoption curve. Conversely, those that don’t get it right away can be quick to dismiss or work against change. This is a great reminder of the need to meet in the middle.

2. The dirty little secret about mobile apps
By Daniel Odio for Mobile Marketer Daily

From new applications to emerging startups, mobile is everywhere, so when someone has something particularly interesting to say, it’s important to take notice. In this post, mobile pioneer Daniel Odio addresses a “dirty little secret” that is all too often ignored – mobile may be hot, but for app developers and marketers things have a tendency to cool off significantly after a first session.

Takeaway: There is a lot of great info in this post, but most important is a reminder of something we tell clients all the time – don’t get too excited about superficial numbers. Click through rates, impressions and downloads are all great, but if people are bouncing from your site or falling out of love with your app after downloading it, how much is there to be excited about?

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about an increase in the number of technology firms offering more comprehensive services to digital advertisers – comprising media targeting, buying and measurement. But why is holistic measurement just now entering the conversation? And why does it need to be a service offered by specialty shops? Constant measurement and evaluation should be part of everything you do online.  And if your agency partner can’t offer thoughtful metrics with its digital services, you may need another partner.

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