This Week’s Top Tweets (June 4)

1. Explore London with augmented reality
by lester on Augmented Planet

This post on Augmented Planet reviews two iPhone augmented reality applications for Londoners and visitors to the capital. The Museum of London application allows users to use augmented reality to explore their surroundings using the iPhone’s camera view and see photos of their location as it was in the past. The second application, Get London Reading, allows users to discover books set in nearby locations.

Takeaway: Slowly but surely, augmented reality applications are changing the way that users can explore and experience their surroundings using mobile devices. Similar to the way in which location-based applications like Foursquare have changed the way businesses interact with customers through mobile devices, augmented reality applications create a whole new world of interactive possibilities.

2. Social Media Marketing Best Practices from Best Buy
by Lee Odden on Top Rank Online Marketing Blog

In this post highlighting social media practices from Best Buy, Lee Oden notes the importance of solid case studies in an environment in which “social media gurus” are becoming ubiquitous. During the Social Media Best Practices session at IMS Minneapolis last week, Brad Smith, Director, Interactive Marketing & Emerging Media from Best Buy addressed the “new marketing reality” businesses are facing, the tenets that support social media marketing for Best Buy and real case studies from a company that’s gotten it right.

Takeaway: There are literally millions of blog posts, books, articles and other resources out there devoted to social media, and an ever-increasing number of snake oil salesmen who claim to be experts because they happen to have read a few. When it comes to hiring a digital agency to support your social media efforts, or doing your homework to effectively implement a program internally, nothing is more valuable than solid case studies from businesses that get it.

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