This Week’s Top Tweets (May 13)

1. How to Stay Up to Date With Facebook: Each Small Change at Facebook Means Big Changes for Your Strategy
By Dave Williams on AdAge Digital

Did you know that Facebook announces changes and updates to its ad platform on a nearly weekly basis? As Facebook continues to evolve both as a social networking tool and marketing platform, it can be challenging for advertisers to keep up. Dave Williams offers great tips on staying in the loop in this post for Age Age Digital.

Takeaways: This is another one pretty full of takeaways so we’ll just hit on the highlights: stay in touch with your agency and vendor partners and read, read, read. If you’re using an outside partner to assist with your social media marketing efforts, you’re doing it for a reason. Staying on top of changes to the social space is a job in and of itself. Leverage your partners’ expertise and the fact that they have the time and resources to monitor this space so you don’t have to.

With that being said, even as you rely on and outside vendor, it’s still your responsibility as a marketer to keep an eye on what’s going on. Including blogs and the Facebook Developers Wiki into your morning reading will help you to be more proactive as a marketer and to better understand the conversations you engage in with external partners.

2. Incorporating mobile commerce into a multichannel strategy
By Luis E. Rodriguez on Mobile Marketer

Mobile is definitely the newest kid on the block among marketing channels as people try to get their heads around everything from mobile advertising and sms campaigns to QR codes and augmented reality applications. Then of course we have the basics – mobile sites and applications. So if you’re a retailer with all of these options in front of you, how do you integrate this new channel into your overall marketing strategy? This Mobile Marketer piece offers some insights.

Takeaways: There is a lot of stuff out there to choose from, but ultimately, it’s about making your customers’ shopping experience easier and more pleasant. Take time to assess your audience – who they are, the devices they use and how – and work backward from there. Rodriguez notes that “consumers replace their mobile devices on average every 1.5 to 2 years, which makes it essential that retailers continually monitor the market share of mobile platforms in different geographies and adjust their mobile implementation plan accordingly.” From there, understanding your customers’ mobile shopping habits, if any, can help you narrow down the pool of options for outreach.

Photo credits: Kristian D. and tomsun via Flickr Creative Commons

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