This Week’s Top Tweets (May 20)

1. Adobe SocialAnalytics Begins Worldwide Beta Program
By Chelsi Nakano on CMS Wire

We’ve done a lot to ramp up our measurement and analytics capabilities so we were very excited to hear that Adobe’s SocialAnalytics application is now in worldwide beta.  Designed to monitor and measure social conversations taking place among 45 difference sources — including the usual suspects Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – SocialAnalytics “aims to go beyond social monitoring by identifying how aggregated relevant activity from online networks and communities impacts metrics and brand perception.”

Takeaway: The article provides just a snapshot of what the tool can provide, but SocialAnalytics appears to have the potential to be a legitimate player in an increasingly crowded analytics market. And if you’re an existing Omniture user, SocialAnalytics is the perfect complement to your current measurement efforts.

2. Google Optimization: Site Redirects, Canonicals, and Link Juice
By Rob Young on Search Engine Journal

In this short and snappy post, Rob Young offers great insights on achieving a common SEO goal – getting “link juice” from one page to another on your website.

Takeaways: There are a lot of SEO “consultants” out there who will try to use dishonest tactics to achieve this goal, but it isn’t necessary to go the shady route when it comes to SEO.  A thoughtful page architecture, 301 redirects and URL canonicalization will get you well on your way to link juiciness. Check out the full post for high level tips for each tactic, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

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