This Week’s Top Tweets (May 21)

1. Superb Augmented Reality Travel Application from
by lester on Augmented Planet is the latest major brand to dip its toes into the water of augmented reality. Its new campaign takes the form of a virtual travel guide who helps you find the ideal vacation or short break in up to 10 cities in the US. Your guide gives you helpful advice on where you may want to travel based on a short questionnaire and then helps you explore the cities.

Takeaway: Augmented reality marketing campaigns are getting more and more complex with advertisers looking to build engaging content to do something we help our clients do every day – convert customers into loyal brand advocates.

2. SugarCRM Makes the iPad a Little Sweeter
on We Blog CRM

Q partner SugarCRM is currently in the process of developing a Sugar iPad application-the first ever native CRM iPad app. The app is a customizable CRM solution that uses iPad’s distinctive user experience features. The Sugar software was developed on Appcelerator Titanium, which is a service that allows web-developers to develop iPad applications that use native performance, native iPad user interfaces, and native accessibility to the iPad’s internal functionality.

Takeaway: Get ready for August 2010 when the application is set to launch. I wonder if we’ll be able to arrange a demo…

3. Social CRM: Jump In or Be Pushed
by Chris Bucholtz on CRM Buyer

In this post, Bucholtz discusses the social CRM trend and the fact that businesses can either adopt the concept willingly or adopt it by force in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Takeaway: The takeaway here is clear. While the concept of social CRM seems relatively new, it is really giving a new name to what many businesses have been trying to achieve with social media tools for the past several years. If you aren’t already using social tools to engage your customers and gain insight into their preferences, you’re already behind.

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