This Week’s Top Tweets (November 5)

1. LinkedIn Gives Brands a Platform to Promote Themselves
By Ben Parr on Mashable

Ben Parr addresses LinkedIn’s newest features for businesses – product and service recommendations, product listings, product multimedia and a recommender module.

Takeaway: LinkedIn has made many continuous updates in an effort to compete with other social networking sites, but this one may really hit the mark, particularly for B2C marketers. The site has made incremental updates to company profiles, but this is the first real opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services in a meaningful, interactive way. It would be great to have more content management functionality to add versatility to the features for B2B (i.e., change “products” to “case studies”) but these added features show a lot of promise. As the author notes, LinkedIn will have to push the innovation envelope a little bit further in order to really engage brands and users like Facebook and Twitter, but this is a good start.

Below is a screenshot of the updated company page for HP.

2. Ten Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

A freelancer on this little-known site provides great pointers for how nonprofits can leverage Twitter to drive donations.

Takeaway: Clear messaging and regular updates are critical – you can’t just tell people you need money and leave it at that. Each of the steps described in the article point to having a repeat pattern of engagement in order to keep potential donors interested and influence them to contribute to your cause.

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