This Week’s Top Tweets (October 1)

Happy October folks! Let’s get into the top shared links for this week.

1. The future of the internet isn’t mobile…
by James Gardner on the B2B Marketing Blog

We’re all but certain that the fact that this attention-grabbing headline completely contradicts everything anyone has heard or read about mobile has a lot to do with the popularity of this article. With more than 200,000 iOS and Android devices activated daily and the fact that even Facebook is getting into the mobile phone game, this can’t possibly be true can it?

Takeaway: While he teases us with the title, what Gardner goes on to clarify its statement and address the narrow-mindedness that results when B2B marketers focus too heavily on individual channels (social media anyone?).  Gardner argues that in reality, the near-future of the internet is mobile, but what B2B marketers really need to pay attention to how internet usage is changing in the long-term, and what those changes mean for their campaigns and communications. If you’re allowing all the noise about mobile to distract you from the holistic, integrated approach that is necessary to achieve your business objectives, take a step back. Look instead at how the web is changing as a whole, and what that means for the way you connect with your audience.

2. 7 Simple SEO Tasks to Complete for a New Site
on Search Engine Journal

SEO can be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. And a new website or site overhaul can provide a great opportunity to get a fresh start with your SEO efforts. This article provides a list of seven simple and effective steps you can take to get off on the right foot. Want even better news? These tasks can take no more than 30-60 minutes to complete and are well worth it.

Takeaway: SEO doesn’t have to make you completely crazy. If you start out with the right foundation, long term measurement and monitoring become much, much simpler.

3. Top 5 Apps That Will Actually Keep You Entertained on an Airplane
By Katy Gathright on Social Times

Once upon a time, airplane passengers had little choice but to flip through SkyMall, watch terrible movies or pray for enough comfort to take a nap during flights. No more! In the age of the iPad (or i-anything), laptops and high-functioning mobile devices, there are virtually limitless options for providing your own in-flight entertainment (unless of course you really want that nap). We all know how difficult it can be to separate the good eggs from the bad when it comes to mobile apps, but this article has already done the legwork for you.

The only takeaway here is to hit up your application marketplace of choice and download these apps pronto. The Evernote and Amazon Kindle apps are my personal favorites.

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