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The Week’s Top Tweets (July 15)

1. Sitecore Acquires Pectora to Bridge the Gap Between Print and Digital Worlds

Earlier this month, Q CMS partner Sitecore announced its acquisition of the development team and intellectual property of Pectora. Pectora, previously a long-term Sitecore technology partner, provides web publishing solutions for integration with print-based projects.  The new effort combines print and web design teams to deliver more dynamic, personalized, customer-facing print media including brochures, catalogs and magazines.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 29)

1. How Engaged Is Traffic from Social Sites?
Data from eMarketer

If you’ve been thoughtful about your social media content strategy, you’re among the lucky marketers out there whose Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs appear to be doing exactly what they’re supposed to – in theory. Click through rates are high and your social media profiles are driving traffic to your organization’s site. All is right with the world right? eMarketer offers some data indicating that might not be the case.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (January 21)

1. 5 Tips to Evaluate Content Management Platforms in a Changing Enterprise
By Marisa Peacock on CMS Wire

Evaluating CMS platforms is difficult enough without the added dynamic of new and emerging technologies. CMS Wire’s Marisa Peacock offers her thoughts on how businesses can navigate through the process of selecting a CMS in an increasingly rapidly changing landscape.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (December 10)

1. 11 WordPress Plugins You’ve Gotta Have
By zubin kutar on Social Media Today

At Q, we use WordPress both as a blogging platform and as a CMS system for select clients. While it seems basic on the surface, WordPress can be really powerful with the right customizations and this is a great list of Plugins that can help you take your blog or WordPress site to the next level.

Takeaways: In addition to showing you just how much WordPress is capable of with the right amount of enhancement, the article closes with a great point about Plugins and SEO. These Plugins won’t get you on the first page in Google search,  but the right ones can help you get close when combined with strong on-site content and off-page SEO.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (October 15)

1. The New Facebook Groups: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
By Ayelet Noff on The Next Web

In the wake of Facebook’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of its Groups feature, The Next Web offers a summary of the best and worst of this new feature. Literally. The title misleads the reader because the post only goes on to cover the author’s two biggest gripes about the tool. However, it does serve as a friendly reminder that like everything that emerges on the Internet, and Facebook’s previous BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Places, it has its pro’s and con’s.

Takeaway: There are certainly some benefits to this feature, but it suffers from two long standing Facebook problems – the spammy nature of updates and privacy issues. Being part of a Facebook group means that you have yet another thing to opt in or out of in terms of email notifications from Facebook, and updating your settings every time Facebook decides to add a new feature is getting a little old for a lot of users. Add to this the fact that no consent is required for someone to add you to a group (unless, yet again, you change this permission through your privacy settings on Facebook), and it’s clear that this feature has room for improvement.

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