This Week’s Top Tweets (April 1)

1. 10 Reasons to Eat ROI for Breakfast in Social Media
By Pam Moore on Social Media Today

The use of social media has finally started to evolve, particularly among big brands. More and more businesses are going beyond a focus on platforms and the idea of “free” marketing tools and approaching social media with the same strategic mindset as other marketing channels. As that evolution continues to take place, the emphasis on metrics and ROI becomes even stronger. In this blog post, Pam Moore reminds us that social media isn’t really free – it requires the same human and financial resources as other channels – and offers 10 reasons that ROI needs to be part of the backbone of your social media strategy.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 30)

1. Google: The new approach to how we work with advertising agencies

Citing the growth and evolution of the ad business, Google is making big changes to the way it works with agencies. This article talks about updates to Google’s AdWords Certification and Certified Partners programs and the introduction of AdWords API pricing.

Takeaway: All in all, these changes are designed to offer agencies better training and more rigorous certification in AdWords proficiency, giving more weight to that certification. The changes are also intended to lower costs for consultants who help advertisers get the most out of AdWords. Finally, Google is making it easier for advertisers to find certified agency partners to work with them on digital advertising.

2. A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services
by Bronwyn van der Merwe, Head of Design and User Experience, Central Team, BBC FM&T

In this must-read post for anyone in digital, BBC offers a compelling look behind the curtain at the evolution of its brand.

Takeaway: For one thing, it’s nice to see that a global multimedia brand like BBC has experienced as many changes as the little guys. The key is that the changes have been made not for the sake of change, but as part of a well thought out strategy for reaching and engaging BBC’s diverse audience in meaningful ways. The post provides a lot of insights into the thought process behind BBC’s brand and all of the elements that must be taken into account when you serve a dynamic, global audience. What can you take away from BBC for your business?

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