This Week’s Top Tweets (May 20)

1. Adobe SocialAnalytics Begins Worldwide Beta Program
By Chelsi Nakano on CMS Wire

We’ve done a lot to ramp up our measurement and analytics capabilities so we were very excited to hear that Adobe’s SocialAnalytics application is now in worldwide beta.  Designed to monitor and measure social conversations taking place among 45 difference sources — including the usual suspects Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – SocialAnalytics “aims to go beyond social monitoring by identifying how aggregated relevant activity from online networks and communities impacts metrics and brand perception.”

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 1)

1. 10 Reasons to Eat ROI for Breakfast in Social Media
By Pam Moore on Social Media Today

The use of social media has finally started to evolve, particularly among big brands. More and more businesses are going beyond a focus on platforms and the idea of “free” marketing tools and approaching social media with the same strategic mindset as other marketing channels. As that evolution continues to take place, the emphasis on metrics and ROI becomes even stronger. In this blog post, Pam Moore reminds us that social media isn’t really free – it requires the same human and financial resources as other channels – and offers 10 reasons that ROI needs to be part of the backbone of your social media strategy.

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