This Week’s Top Tweets (July 8)

1. Break Free of the Digital-Content Trap
By Bob Knorpp for AdAge CMO Strategy

While conventional wisdom dictates that content is king, Bob Knorpp of The BeanCast Marketing Podcast argues that content alone is a dead end for marketers, particularly for digital channels.

Takeaway: Knorpp sums it up well by saying, “The value of Facebook to your customers is not the content you put there. The true value is derived from the experience of connecting with friends.” This is essentially true for any digital channel. Content certainly has its place, but the real value lies in the relationships and engagement patterns formed with your audience over time. Too often marketers focus on click-through rates or impressions, but miss the opportunity to create valuable experiences for their customers. Engagement doesn’t end with “a click, a comment or a share.” Those interactions are only the beginning.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (November 19)

1. You Have More Content Than You Know
On Conversation Agent

Content creates some of our biggest challenges when it comes to creating websites and interactive campaigns for our clients. While marketing collateral tends to come to mind first when people think of content, Conversation Agent’s Valeria Maltoni argues that you may have more content than you think and that in the digital age, it can come from some nontraditional places.

Takeaways: According to Maltoni, in addition to existing content you may have in-house, there is also a wealth of user generated content out there to be mined and organized. And if you’re lucky enough to have people out there who are passionate about you brand or service, that’s even better, because as part of your content curation efforts, you can acknowledge and recognize their contributions. Maltoni cites major brands Apple, IKEA, and Ducati as examples of brands with a passionate core group of customers who are evangelists or advocates on behalf of the brand, but you don’t have to be a multi-million dollar organization to have fans. As Maltoni states in the article, no matter your size, what truly matters is understanding what to listen for and how to harness your brand advocates’ energy on behalf of the total content your business organizes and shares. Great questions and tips are offered in the full piece.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (September 10)

Welcome to a belated Top Tweets! TT went on hiatus for the holiday but makes its triumphant return today. Here are the posts our followers enjoyed the most as summer unofficially came to a close.

1. Content Strategy: Harness Emotion, Authenticity with Your Words
by Marisa Peacock on CMSWire

This article speaks to a fundamental marketing truth – no matter how good you are at what you do, there is no substitute for making an emotional connection with your customers. When you’re crafting content, it’s important to remember how much words truly matter in persuading customers to buy, donate, or take any form of action in favor of your cause or brand.

Takeaway: In the B2B world, particularly on the tech services side, it’s easy to forget the importance of emotional connection in favor of trying to appeal to consumers’ common sense. While common sense certainly has its place in the decision making process, it’s important to infuse your website and social media content with personality and emotion. You do have real people working for your company right? Make sure that shines through in the way you market your product or service.

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