DCWEEK Remixed Part I

Angela Brown, Marketing Manager

After ten consecutive days of parties, seminars, projects, picnics, yoga sessions, meetups, tweetups and outdoor movie screenings, Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK to the initiated) came to a close over the weekend. For those who don’t know, DCWEEK is the brainchild of iStrategyLabs and Shiny Heart Ventures, two organizations that are moving the needle when it comes to the way that agencies and technology companies are structured and how they do business. According to the DCWWEK website, the event is “a 10 day festival here in DC focused on technology, innovation and all things digital in our nation’s capital.” Boy was it. Since no one could possibly attend every DCWEEK event without having access to some sort of cloning technology, I do want to give you a recap of the numerous options that were available to attendees and what I experienced. I have a lot to say based on the handful of events I attended, so I’ll be breaking this into two parts.

The Big Picture

Where to begin? To say that this was a big event attended by a lot of people just wouldn’t do DCWEEK justice. Between June 11 and June 20, DCWEEK participants had the opportunity to build a schedule around 100+ events and more than 8,000 Washingtonians showed up for DCWEEK. During the day, participants could attend breakfasts and workshops where they could learn best practices and hear case studies related to some of the biggest topics in digital – mobile technology, social media, game design, and more. At night, attendees could kick back by taking their pick of happy hours and cocktail receptions.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (June 18)

1. The Difference Between Art and Design

on Web Designer Depot

The topic of the difference between art and design is a long-term source of debate. This post on Web Designer Depot offers insight into major differences as a starting point for a conversation that isn’t likely to end any time soon.

Takeaway: Some designers consider themselves artists, but few artists consider themselves designers and there is certainly a lot of overlap between the two. WDD does a great job of offering insights without making any claims to settling the debate. So what do you think? How do art and design differ? How do they overlap and what examples have you seen in the marketing world?

Our remaining top tweets for this week were all Q-generated content. Our followers took a lot of interest in our hiring announcement, photos from Digital Capital Week and Jeremy Hilts’ post on graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. If you missed any of these, be sure to click on the links to check them out. Until next week!

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