Q’s Creative Director is Teaching at Pratt

Q’s Creative Director, JoJo Spiker will be leveraging his 14+ years of design management experience in teaching a course within the Pratt Institute’s Arts and Cultural Management Department entitled Advertising and Promotion. This course examines approaches to developing, evaluating, and managing advertising and promotion strategies. Students will be introduced to advertising concepts and the challenges to advertising products and services in the 21st century.

Congratulations @jojospiker on receiving such a prestigious opportunity!

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Why daily deals need to evolve beyond location

Verizon states their Location Based Service (LBS) API offers a resolution of 150m. That figure is conservative in my estimate as I have seen my location on some apps better than 10m. LBS are used for all manner of applications. Outfits like Living Social offer instant deals depending on where you are. These deals seldom inspire me to try the deli on the corner with the dusty ceiling fan.  Focusing deals on where you are is cool. Once the cool factor has worn off, the $10 for $20 deal at the dusty deli remains. Not cool.  Other than maps and directions, the killer application for LBS still eludes us. The added fidelity of knowing where and who you are at the same time is the ultimate prize.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (June 18)

1. The Difference Between Art and Design

on Web Designer Depot

The topic of the difference between art and design is a long-term source of debate. This post on Web Designer Depot offers insight into major differences as a starting point for a conversation that isn’t likely to end any time soon.

Takeaway: Some designers consider themselves artists, but few artists consider themselves designers and there is certainly a lot of overlap between the two. WDD does a great job of offering insights without making any claims to settling the debate. So what do you think? How do art and design differ? How do they overlap and what examples have you seen in the marketing world?

Our remaining top tweets for this week were all Q-generated content. Our followers took a lot of interest in our hiring announcement, photos from Digital Capital Week and Jeremy Hilts’ post on graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. If you missed any of these, be sure to click on the links to check them out. Until next week!

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It’s Pink, Makes People Sneeze, and Reminds Me of Design

Jeremy Hilts, Web Developer

The recent Cherry Blossom Festival here in D.C. really got me thinking about aspects of good design. A couple of weekends ago, I dug out my trusty Canon SLR and went to town. Granted, the only thing that ever comes of my photography is some new wallpaper for my work computer; but the experience is always half the fun.

As far as design relates to my particular trade, there are usually two schools of thought that go into it: the front-end design and the back-end design. Either of these two things can make for a really good site, or a maintenance disaster. Among Q’s developers, there’s a lot of talk about a term that I’d never heard before I worked here: “technical debt.” The idea is, simply, that if it was a nightmare to make, it’ll probably be a nightmare to maintain.

There are a handful of XHTML/CSS “gurus” around the office, and technical debt often falls in as a topic for discussion – things like proper use of HTML tags, IDs vs. class names, and browser-specific selectors. I find that browser compatibility becomes less of an issue the better formed your XHTML markup and CSS is; however, certain browsers will always be a nightmare (*cough*IE6*cough*).

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