This Week’s Top Tweets (May 6)

1. Marketers rethinking social media
By Dave Rosenberg on Cnet

Social media is no longer the shiny new thing, and with its age has come the wisdom that social media tools are not the silver marketing bullets everyone wanted to believe they were. This article addresses the shift in mentality taking place among marketers who are beginning to understand what we and many others have been saying all along – like everything else (email marketing, SEO, PPC, offline collateral) it’s all about strategy and giving your audience what it wants.

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Adding Value to Social Check-ins: Did Foursquare Just get Served?

Angela Brown, Marketing Manager

During my daily blog  scan this morning, I came across this article by Jay Dolan on Social Media Today proclaiming Foursquare’s imminent death. Dolan’s discussion of Gap’s denim extravaganza with Facebook Places last week and the tool’s new bargain shopper friendly features got me thinking – why after less than three months has Facebook so easily managed to achieve what Foursquare hasn’t been able to after more than a year?

The achievement in question is the fact that users can actually use Facebook Places to get something of value – not badges, or mayorships or other funky titles, but actual value. You know, the kind that makes a difference in your checking account balance. Sure you can “check in” on Foursquare and get a few deals here and there, but Places takes it one step further, combining Facebook’s native functionality with social couponing and geolocation features to create a richer experience for users and the brands that offer deals through the platform.

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