This Week’s Top Tweets (February 11)

1. Mozilla Rolls Out Do-Not-Track Feature in Firefox 4
By Jack Marshall on ClickZ

Mozilla has launched a “do-not-track feature” in Firefox 4, following calls from the FTC that consumers be provided with options to opt out of online tracking for sales purposes. This ClickZ article notes that industry bodies and browser manufacturers have been experimenting with various tools and technologies to offer consumers more control over online privacy in the wake of increasing FTC scrutiny. But what does this mean for web advertisers?

Takeaways: This article focuses on the legal implications for consumers but doesn’t offer answers for brands. This is a great feature for consumers who are felling fatigued from being targeted by brands both on and offline. But as consumers are given more options for “opting out,” advertisers will face increased challenges to target specific audiences online and to adapt content and create audience profiles for visitors to their business sites.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (July 16)

1. Firefox User? Be Aware Of Two More Malicious Add-Ons
by Matt Brian on The Next Web

Mozilla recently released information in an add-on security vulnerability announcement providing details of two serious Firefox add-on vulnerabilities, one stealing all of your personal information and the other allowing an attacker to remotely take over your computer. Yikes!

Takeaways: The full details are in the post, but if you have either add-on installed, TNW suggests you either remove them completely or upgrade to the latest version of CoolPreviews in order to reduce exposure to the vulnerability.

2. HOW TO: Optimize Your Mobile Site Across Multiple Platforms
by Christina Warren on Mashable

Mashable offers a handy guide with specific tips and tricks for testing and adding compatibility to your mobile site for different types of devices.

Takeaways: One of the most difficult aspects of designing for the mobile web is making your site compatible and accessible across different devices. A mobile-optimized site might look great on your iPhone or Android device, but completely awful on Symbian or BlackBerry handsets. Make sure you take the same time and care with testing your mobile websites that you would with any other online project.

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