This Week’s Top Tweets (June 17)

1. Growing Device Markets Mean Opportunities for Publishers, Marketers
From eMarketer

When we think about marketing opportunities for new devices, it’s easy to focus on mobile. However, the changing landscape for communications channels extends beyond smartphones to include e-readers, tablets and other devices that present compelling opportunities for marketers to get in front of consumers in new ways. This report from eMarketer discusses the opportunities that exist for publishers and marketers with these tools.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (June 10)

1. BlackBerry, PepsiCo Look To Real-Time, Relevant Content
By Karl Greenberg on MediaPost

When it comes to marketing in any form, it’s all about the content. In this piece for MediaPost, Karl Greenberg discusses how major brands are using real time, highly relevant content to drive engagement and revenue among their customers and their hopes for the future.

Takeaway: While the article features some pretty heavy topics – Lady Gaga as a spontaneous spokesperson, the use of content and engagement studios to manage content curated in real time – there are takeaways that apply to just about all companies large and small. The biggest takeaway is that no matter your industry or marketing budget, there is an opportunity to leverage content from a broad range of channels to market your product in real time, whether it’s created internally or by customers via social networks. The content is likely already everywhere – from message boards and Facebook pages to event surveys – you just need a way to curate and distribute it. This doesn’t need to immediately become a daunting task. Start small, but scalable and you’ll already be ahead of the curve.

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The New Google Analytics Interface – A Primer

By Jessica Shieh, Digital Strategist

If you use Google Analytics (GA) to track your website and have signed in within the past couple of days, you’ve probably noticed the option to view a “New Version.” when On Tuesday, April 20, 2011, Google released the latest version of Google Analytics and we’ve prepared a quick primer on the highlights of the new interface.

So, what’s new?

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This Week’s Top Tweets (March 18)

1. What You Should Know About Google for Nonprofits
By Rohit Bhargava on the Influential Marketing Blog

On March 16 in Washington, DC Google announced an innovative and ambitious set of tools to help nonprofit organizations to succeed.  The company promised to offer $10,000 in free keyword advertising credits, branded channels and other extended premium features, and divided its service offerings into three categories: reaching more donors, improving operations and raising awareness. If you’re a nonprofit communicator that missed this event, Rohit Bhargava does a great job of summarizing the highlights in this blog post.

Takeaways: Bhargava lists five great takeaways that we’ll save for the full piece, but the biggest overall takeaway is that Google is giving nonprofits an opportunity to be more innovative with fewer resources, leading to great progress within the industry and greater collaboration among organizations. As Bhargava says at the end of the article, “If anyone can enable collaboration on a global scale around the key issues, it is Google.” And better, smarter online tools can enable like-minded organizations to collaborate more readily and build upon one another’s successes. In addition to the article, you can learn more about the program by visiting

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Google Instant and Its Potential Impact on User Behavior (and SEO) – Part I

Jessica Shieh, Digital Strategist


When Google announced Google Instant in early September, tech blogs, forums and social media channels exploded with buzz about this change to the popular search engine.

If you’re looking for a basic primer, Matt McGee provides a great overview on the Search Engine Land blog, but in this two-part blog series, I’m going to skip over the basics and talk about Google Instant’s potential impact on user behavior and consequently, how it changes the SEO game.

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