Get your LinkedIn House in Order in 2011

Angela Brown, Marketing Manager

If you haven’t been taking your LinkedIn personal or business profiles seriously, now is the time to start. With nearly 70 million users and the constant addition of business-friendly features, the site can be a valuable platform for business development and reputation management if you play your cards right.

If you let your LinkedIn presence slip in 2010, here are a few tips to get you back on track.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (November 5)

1. LinkedIn Gives Brands a Platform to Promote Themselves
By Ben Parr on Mashable

Ben Parr addresses LinkedIn’s newest features for businesses – product and service recommendations, product listings, product multimedia and a recommender module.

Takeaway: LinkedIn has made many continuous updates in an effort to compete with other social networking sites, but this one may really hit the mark, particularly for B2C marketers. The site has made incremental updates to company profiles, but this is the first real opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services in a meaningful, interactive way. It would be great to have more content management functionality to add versatility to the features for B2B (i.e., change “products” to “case studies”) but these added features show a lot of promise. As the author notes, LinkedIn will have to push the innovation envelope a little bit further in order to really engage brands and users like Facebook and Twitter, but this is a good start.

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This Week Top Tweets (July 30)

1. The State of YouTube [Infographic]
by David Teicher on Legends of Aerocles

If you have some questions about the current state of this popular video sharing site, Ad Age’s David Teicher has you covered on his personal blog Legends of Aerocles. Last week he shared a handy infographic summarizing all of the most significant stats for the site.

Takeaways: YouTube hasn’t received a ton of press lately, but the site shows no signs of slowing down. Its continued growth and potential staying power are good reasons for marketers everywhere to think about how they can incorporate video into their marketing strategies.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 23)

1. Web Design: The Decline of the Homepage
by Gerry McGovern on CMSWire

This article addresses an issue that more and more businesses are being confronted with when it comes to designing and creating content for a new website – while a homepage is still an important piece of the puzzle, for more and more users service and subject-specific pages are the initial point of entry to your website.

Takeaway: The thrust of this article is not to ignore or neglect your homepage – good design and appealing content are still important here. However, you do want to make sure that consumers can get as much critical information as possible about your business and the services you offer on the pages for your products and services. To address this issue, treat your product and service pages as advertisements or individual landing pages for what you have to offer your customer and prospects. Visitors to your website should be able to learn everything they need to know about your capabilities in a given area, from what you do, to the events you participate in and the members of your team that provide a specific service.

2. LinkedIn Launches Tons of New Link-Sharing Features
by Ben Parr on Mashable

In this informative post, Ben Parr describes LinkedIn’s release of major upgrades to its link-sharing capabilities, including the addition of image and article excerpts, link re-sharing and a new short URL:

Takeaway: Taking a few pages from Facebook’s playbook, LinkedIn is repositioning itself as a hub for sharing articles and information with your business contacts. The new features will allow you to more seamlessly share relevant business information with your contacts and its short URL ties in nicely with its Twitter integration. The big question as Parr mentions is whether LinkedIn users are as big on sharing as users on other platforms.

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