Marketing 3.0 – Lessons from Advertising Week in DC

Angela Brown, Marketing Manager

“Inspire. Be inspired.” This was the official theme for last week’s Advertising Week in DC (Ad Week) and there were plenty of big ideas to go around. This is the first relatively large conference I’ve attended in some time and there was an interesting energy in the air. After two years (or more, depending on your area of specialty) of economy calamity, there is a cautious optimism among marketing, advertising and media professionals in the DMV as we make the slow march toward recovery.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy things happen in our industries both as a result of, and completely independent from, the Great Recession. Our budgets shrank, but our clients and supervisors expected more from us. The power and magic that ad execs wielded over consumers during the Mad Men era disappeared as customers became increasingly cynical and decreasingly willing to open their wallets. And as technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, agencies are consolidating and competitors are emerging from areas that few people saw coming.

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Google Instant and Its Potential Impact on User Behavior (and SEO) – Part I

Jessica Shieh, Digital Strategist


When Google announced Google Instant in early September, tech blogs, forums and social media channels exploded with buzz about this change to the popular search engine.

If you’re looking for a basic primer, Matt McGee provides a great overview on the Search Engine Land blog, but in this two-part blog series, I’m going to skip over the basics and talk about Google Instant’s potential impact on user behavior and consequently, how it changes the SEO game.

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