The Week’s Top Tweets (July 29)

1. 6 Things to Know About Using QR Codes in Content Marketing
By Nate Riggs on the Content Marketing Institute Blog

In our most popular tweeted post from last week, Nate Riggs provides a summary of statistics on QR code adoption and its increasing applicability in the market.

Takeaways: It seems like people have been talking about QR codes for ages, but in the absence of really strong case studies, its touch for a lot of businesses to see where the technology is going and whether it’s worth integrating into their marketing strategies. This article offers several great points to consider before adopting QR codes as a marketing tactic, including creating the right landing page (sending folks to a page that isn’t optimized for mobile is a HUGE don’t) and keeping things simple. Remember, a QR code is intended to be a point of conversion – keep the clutter out.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 22)

1. 10 Measures Of Facebook ROI For Your Brand
By Neil Glassman on All Facebook

ROI for social media channels is still a confusing topic for many marketers and Facebook certainly plays a big role in contributing to that confusion. This article offers a great list of metrics to explore using to evaluate the effectiveness of your Facebook presence.

Takeaway: This list is a great start, but it isn’t comprehensive. It also isn’t necessary for every organization to measure everything on the list. Finally, while the list is helpful at a high level, what it doesn’t do is explain how each of these metrics can be evaluated. While the native functionality of Facebook’s Insights for pages continues to show incremental improvement, third-party measurement and analytics tools such as Google Analytics (web) and Omniture (web, mobile and social) are often necessary to take the deep dive into analytics required to truly evaluate ROI. Facebook can tell you at a high level who likes your page and how your content is being consumed, but engagement, conversions and SEO impact require more robust evaluation.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (April 8)

1. Facebook Now Allows Profile Pages to Become Business Pages
By Kip Bodnar via Hubspot

As Facebook enjoyed its ascent as a marketing medium, many businesses struggled with its functionality. Before the launch of Facebook Pages, marketers represented their brands and organizations through groups and profiles, only to deal with the frustration and hard work involved in starting from scratch as a page. Now, Facebook offers a profile to business page migration tool, which streamlines the process of making the switch.

Takeaways: While the tool is useful, it isn’t a silver bullet solution. Your avatar and friends will be migrated over, but at this time, you will lose all other content. The upside is that a few of the most frustrating barriers to switching from a profile to a page have been eliminated. This is a big deal, because for businesses, the benefits of having a Facebook page are numerous. Unlike profiles, allow for a much higher number of connections (likes versus friends), have much more sophisticated marketing functionality via applications and iFrames and can be measured via Facebook’s native analytics and more robust third-party measurement tools such as Webtrends and Adobe Omniture.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (February 25)

1. New York City to Implement QR Codes on Building Permits
By Koa Beck on the Destination CRM Blog

The past couple of years have been anticipated to be the “year of the QR code”, but from what we’re seeing, 2011 may finally be there year that mobile bar codes are embraced on a global scale. In one of our most popular tweets from last week, Koa Beck briefly summarizes a TechCrunch article on Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to provide New Yorkers with information about building projects by using QR codes.

Takeaway: Last week’s news from NYC and recent news that mega retailer Target is getting in on the QR code action are only a couple of the recent – and increasing – examples we’re seeing of organizations and municipalities embracing 2D bar codes. If you’re unfamiliar with QR codes, check out our blog post explaining the technology and get up to speed on ways businesses in your industry are leveraging it. Chances are it’s becoming more popular than you think.

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This Week’s Top Tweets (January 28)

1. HOW TO: Ask and Answer Questions on Quora [VIDEO]
by Jehangir Irani on Mashable

Unless you’ve been living under rock, you’ve probably hearing all the buzz that we have about Quora, the new social Q&A site that appears to be the Chatroulette of Winter 2011 (in terms of buzz – not potential for sketchiness). On the surface Quora looks like all sorts of fun, but can be difficult to navigate once you take the plunge and try to get started on the site. Mashable comes to the rescue with this helpful how to.

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