FairWinds Partners

Who are FairWinds Partners?

FairWinds Partners is a domain name consulting firm. As the leading domain name strategy consulting firm, FairWinds offers a variety of consulting services including domain names, social media usernames, online trademark enforcement and online traffic optimization.


FairWinds partnered with agencyQ to complete an end-to-end website redesign and EPiServer content management system (CMS) implementation. As a rapidly expanding firm with global, industry leading and Fortune 500 clients, the goal for the website redesign was to update the outdated appearance, structure and content presentation to more effectively deliver content to their divergent audiences and underscore FairWinds’ innovation, creativity and leadership in domain name strategy.


To meet the growing needs of FairWinds Partners, agencyQ implemented the redesign on EPiServer CMS to create an interactive and user-friendly website that is both engaging and easy to administer. EPiServer’s powerful, integrated social media tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities and insightful analytics creates the control center for FairWinds’ digital ecosystem that put FairWinds in control. The redesign focused on the following:

- Created a user friendly and informative website to allow FairWinds Partners to manually update and manage the website content.

- Streamlined site architecture to highlight FairWinds’ thought leadership and expertise in the domain name strategy field through news items and publications.

- Created prominent calls to action to contact FairWinds and sign up for email.

- Developed a multi-site licensing solution to integrate FairWinds sub-brands and affiliate websites onto a single platform.

- Implemented SSL secure Client Portal for targeting client-specific content.


The synergistic combination of a fresh, new design and powerful, modern EPiServer CMS dramatically improved engagement, reduced bounce rates and eliminated wasted time and effort trying to manage FairWinds’ digital ecosystem as a patchwork of overlapping products and services. This has not only improved FairWinds’ ability to engage with their customers and public, but significantly reduced their time and effort to get their message to market.


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