Thacker Caskets

Who are Thacker Caskets?

Thacker Caskets has a rich history from being founded in 1939 in Washington D.C., to now being the largest family-owned casket company in the United States. Thacker Caskets services 33 states between its distribution and manufacturing operations.




Casket sales are a highly regulated marketplace in which funeral home directors are typically restricted from making product recommendations. How do you sell your product when people who sell it are not allowed to make recommendations?


We integrated two key features of the EPiServer CMS platform to create a unique solution to this unique problem. Using both the ecommerce functions and the mobile optimization functions of the EPiServer CMS, agencyQ created a “virtual selection room.” This room is promoted through an iPad tablet supplied to funeral homes, which allows guests to browse the website while on the premises. This helps them to understand the features, options and customizations available and make selections directly on the iPad. This solution not only helped Thacker solve its business need to better sell through to its customers, but also provides grieving family members’ time to consider their options without pressure to make choices quickly with limited information.

The new website included the following features:

- Advanced search functionality to enable product search and filtering based on size, style, price range and location.

- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration with EPiServer that allows funeral homes to base product selections based on inventories at their local warehouse.

- Integration with Adobe Scene 7 to showcase Thacker products including zooming, 360 degree views and panel overlay capabilities.

  Customizable product pages to provide funeral homes with the capability to set up product features and attach specific prices to the products they offer through the CMS.

- Reporting capability to print/export casket price list and general lists of caskets for customers.

- Flexibility for funeral homes to apply themes to their Thacker Product showrooms to match the specific funeral homes’ branding.


The outcome is true innovation in an industry where innovation is not the norm. This unique, EPiServer-based system creates a significant, easily customizable sales advantage for Thacker that has allowed them to now directly market and sell products to customers. This innovation has translated to year-over-year sales increases for Thacker and industry recognition for creating a solution to an industry-wide problem.


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