Video: The How Might We - Design Thinking Series

The How Might We takes center stage in the fourth installment of our multi-part series on Design Thinking and Design Sprints. agencyQ's own Paige Connor and Bob Poulin break down what it is exactly, when and how to use this key phrasing, and most importantly break down exactly why the words, "how might we" are specifically chosen.

This phrase, applied to so many ideas and questions being generated by the team, truly unlocks how to move forward by framing each in the most useful and applicable way.

Since its inception, this key phrase has become an integral component of the Design Sprint, helping shape ideas in to useable questions. The "How Might We" wording is a  pivots a a raw idea by providing a framework for reshaping thoughts into a format directed towards addressing the sprint goals. 

Watch the video below:

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