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agencyQ Named a Finalist at Igniting Innovation Awards

agencyQ is proud to be named a finalist for technology innovation at the sixth annual Igniting Innovation Conference and Awards for Find-it-First.

What's the Right Social Media Mix for Your Association?

It only takes two things to drive a successful social media campaign: effective strategy and the dedication to see it through. Whether you’re revamping an existing social media presence or creating a new presence from scratch, getting the right mix of channel, tone, frequency and content type to match your audience is key. How you achieve that is with a strategy that guides your actions and aligns your social media efforts to your marketing and communications efforts. We looked at some of the most common questions we get from associations about social media and put together a framework for building a successful strategy.  

What does the IDEA Act (21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act) mean for your agency?

U.S. government agencies are undergoing a major paradigm shift in how they design and operate public-facing government programs, particularly in the digital space. With the passing of IDEA, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, federal executives have the legislative authority to pursue high-value, low-risk digital means of serving the public. As reinforcement, the President’s 2018 budget promotes an innovative framework for pursuing digital engagements with the public. Together, these mandates foster a Digital Experience Framework, helping federal leaders identify best practices in customer (citizen) engagement from the current digital landscape in the private and public sectors to enhance the online customer experience of federal programs. The Digital Experience Framework is simple: Examine and evaluate the digital approach of all federal programs in the context of their online customer experiences. In practice, the Framework calls on leaders to focus on key elements of the digital customer experience, such as simplifying online engagement, designing prudent handling of data and digital documents, and leveraging engagement data to streamline online operational workflows. The Framework provides a clear opportunity for a built-in feedback loop, where the continuous awareness and refinement of citizen experience guides how we design program operations. The Framework will revolutionize how we evaluate program performance. By focusing on how well we shape customers’ online experiences, we will have a new standard for determining value across disparate programs and a means of making iterative improvements. The Digital Experience Framework, shaped by Congress and the White House, is the start of an exciting, deep digital transformation of the Federal Government as it relates to its citizens.
26-How to Re-Engage Lagging and Lapsed Members with Content Marketing

Three Content Marketing Strategies to Re-Engage Members

Membership-driven associations and social impact organizations are experiencing high rates of non-renewal and overall member stagnation—two trends that any savvy marketing leader wants to improve as quickly as possible. If your organization is facing this scenario, the good news is that there is a solution. Your existing relationships and history with lapsed and lagging members indicate you already have the baseline data and business intelligence for crafting a re-engagement strategy.  Here are three content marketing strategies to re-engage and retain members: Demonstrate why membership matters. Often, re-engaging lapsed members can be as simple as reminding them about the professional benefits and industry connections their membership provides. Use your organizational content to showcase the important work you’re doing and highlight how current, active members benefit from being involved. Reinforce membership’s value. Retain lagging members by providing new value through useful resources or content geared specifically to their needs. This approach will re-emphasize your organization’s purpose and specific benefits to your target audiences, reminding members why they joined in the first place. Deploy content marketing. Content marketing requires a constant stream of fresh, relevant content developed for and delivered directly to specific target audiences. Robust marketing platforms can support this content creation, dissemination and tracking in several ways: • Build content with SEO best practices so it can be found easily by your target audience. • Analyze your target audience using a data enrichment platform that provides detailed information as well as internally and externally developed analytics and algorithms to help increase the effectiveness of targeted messaging. • Craft an effective content and outreach strategy based on analyzed information and specific insights from your marketing strategy team. • Sustain and amplify the content creation process with proven best practices by building a content calendar, planning for editorial coverage, and responding to current events in your industry or around your cause. • Repurpose existing collateral into new content for redefined audience segments across additional channels. • Use marketing automation platforms to distribute your content effectively and collect data across your audience segments, enabling increasingly refined targeting and ongoing testing.

Innovation and Design Sprints for Associations at ASAE 2019

05-How to Attract Young Professionals to become Association Members

How to Attract Young Professionals to Become Association Members

For associations, membership growth equals organizational success, so finding and converting prospects into full-fledged members is critical. One segment ripe for conversion is young professionals.
03-What Adobe’s Acquisition of Marketo Means for Marketers

What Adobe’s Acquisition of Marketo Means for Marketers

02-4 Digital Marketing Challenges Facing Today's Associations

Four Digital Marketing Challenges Facing Today's Associations

The changing demands and expectations of members continue to reshape the way associations think about their digital presence, member engagement and demand generation. Associations that have adapted their digital and marketing strategies have forged paths to continued growth and relevance with their audiences. Here are four digital marketing challenges that associations must solve if they are to evolve: 
01-3 Important Takeaways from the 2018 ASAE Annual Expo

3 Important Takeaways from the 2018 ASAE Annual Expo

The 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo wrapped recently in Chicago. The event, which gathered professionals from associations, agencies, and technology companies called attention to many of the trends within the association world. We spoke to several association executives who touched on how they’ve re-energized and redefined their organizations, and we distilled what the experts had to say about their challenges and opportunities into 3 key takeaways from the event:
Human to Human Marketing

What is “Human to Human Marketing”?

It is increasingly vital to target, personalize and humanize your communications in today's digital world. As marketers we must focus on how these types of “human touches” interact. In “Customers Need a Human Touch in Digital Marketing”, agencyQ’s partner, Kentico, looks at the concept of human touch across the core elements of a digital marketing campaign for a hardware store client to illustrate the importance and the interplay between each of the elements.
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