Meridian Homes

    Meridian Homes is a luxury home builder in the DC area that provides concierge-level service to high end customers.
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    Areas of Focus

    Marketing Strategy
    Demand Generation
    Paid Social Media Ads

    Meridian Home's weak online presence and reliance on word-of-mouth referrals was inhibiting their ability to reach their coveted target audience and grow their business. agencyQ was brought in to develop a marketing program specific to their audience and geography that would drive qualified new leads through online sources.

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    To reach Meridian’s audience, agencyQ performed user and competitive research to identify high-value prospects, opportunities for engagement, and relevant search terms. From this analysis, agencyQ and Meridian Homes developed a program centered on a Home Renovation Workshop that would encourage prospects to engage with the Meridian team. 

    agencyQ developed a marketing strategy to drive awareness of the campaign with ads on social media and paid search. agencyQ developed clear, engaging copy for the ads and focused them for Meridian’s audience with keyword and geo-targeting. Landing pages were built to route traffic to from the ads that encouraged signup and were equipped with lead capture forms. 


    agencyQ's marketing strategy provided Meridian Homes clear roadmapping and efficient execution for reaching their highly-competitive audience online. With targeted ads and effective landing page design, agencyQ was able to help Meridian exceed workshop attendance goals, which doubled qualified lead generation. 

    Meridian Homes 2 Meridian Homes 1