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Bio Image of Sheree Santantonio, Digital Producer
Sheree Santantonio
Digital Producer
Frenchie Mom
Bio Image of Meghan Fishburn, VP, Strategic Accounts
Meghan Fishburn
VP, Production/Client Service
DC-Based Nomad
Bio Image for Colin Dale, SVP, Technology & Strategy
Colin Dale
SVP, Technology/Strategy
Cellist, Painter, Brit
Bio Image for James Sweterlitsch, VP, Systems Architect
James Sweterlitsch
VP, Systems Architect
Let's Go Pens!
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Gretchen Ward
Front-end Web Developer
Legos. Baseball. Aliens.
Bio Image of Chris Merl, VP, Finance & Operations
Chris Merl
VP, Finance and Operations
Terp ’til Death
Bio Image for Kevin Rux, Senior Web Developer
Kevin Rux
Senior Open Source Web Developer
Bio Image of Matt Perry,  Digital Producer
Matt Perry
Digital Producer
Not the Actor
Bio Image of Christian Rikong, Senior Web Developer
Christian Rikong
Senior .NET Web Developer
Artista, Dreamer, Engineer
Bio Image for Ethan Xu, Web Developer
Ethan Xu
.NET Web Developer
Think A Lot
Bio Image for Daniel Thompson, Web Developer
Daniel Thompson
Front-end Web Developer
Doughnut Connoisseur
Bio Image of Apoorva Nuthi, Web Developer
Apoorva Nuthi
.NET Web Developer
Aspiring Photographer/Foodie
Bio image of Andrew Caperton, Web Developer
Andrew Caperton
.NET Web Developer
Avid Food Lover
Bio image of Becca Jackson, Senior Strategist
Becca Jackson
Senior Strategist, Data
Cakes and Costumes
Chandra Kodi bio image
Chandra Kodi
Senior .NET Developer
Technology Fanatic
Bio Image for Greg Johnston, SVP, Creative Director
Greg Johnston
SVP, Creative Director
Family Man
Bio Image of Brian Glenn, Technical Director
Brian Glenn
Technical Director, Open Source
Bird Photographer
Bio Image for Krista Hennings, Technical Director
Krista Hennings
Technical Director, Front-end
Amateur Zookeeper
Bio Image of Maurice Opara, Web Developer
Maurice Opara
Open Source Web Developer
Disc Jockey
Bio Image for Hunter Savage, Senior Quality Control Analyst
Hunter Savage
Senior Quality Control Lead
Cat Dad Bod
Bio Image for Derek Arnette, Finance Manager
Derek Arnette
Finance Manager
Master of Coin
Bio image of Andy Rowan, Office Supervisor
Andy Rowan
Office Supervisor
Oh, Hamburgers
Bio Image for Jinghan Wang, Web Developer
Jinghan Wang
Front-end Web Developer
Reading and Gaming
Bio Image of Steven Marino, CEO
Stephen Marino
Chief Executive Officer
Dad 3x
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Annie Scalambrino
Director, Business Development
Asian Food Aficionado
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Trena Ward
Senior Project Manager
Believes Nothing's Impossible
Bio Image of Michael Chavez, Technical Director
Michael Chavez
Technical Director, .NET
Determinado, Inventivo, Sucinto
Bio Image of Sean Breen, President & COO
Sean Breen
President / Chief Information Officer
The Big Kahuna

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