If You Were Here, You Would Have Written This


Building a brand isn’t easy. And when that brand is your own? Yikes.

If that first sentence didn’t scare you away, then agencyQ is for you. We’re looking for a Marketing Coordinator to do a ton of things that you’ll never get done in a day. But you know how to prioritize and get them done on time and done well. This is a ground floor opportunity that we have never offered before.

Here are some of those “things” we talked about above:

You will help socialize and increase brand awareness for agencyQ and agencyQ partners. So we don’t scare everyone away, here are just a few of the duties: self-promotion campaign strategy, new business outreach and sales data tracking, maintaining agencyQ marketing materials and lots of data and reports. Plus all kinds of meetings (we’ll try to keep those at a minimum).

There are a few more so go here for more detailed duties. And to apply for a great career opportunity.

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