4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your CMS

Content Management Systems can be make-or-break for an organization’s website. The right CMS can make keeping your website current a cinch and allow you to reach your target audience with the content they need. But having an outdated CMS that leaves you stuck with obsolete content and an unsecured website can be a costly mistake. Upgrading to a CMS that allows you to make changes when and where you need is pivotal, so here are a few ways to tell when it’s time to upgrade your CMS.

  1. Your CMS is No Longer Supported - The digital world is ever-evolving and it's best to stay current if you don't want to be left behind, like we detailed recently for organizations needing to move off of Ektron. Lack of support for a CMS has several consequences, most notably in creating a major security risk for your website as new updates and patches do not get applied. An unsupported CMS will also leave you vulnerable to costly website down-time as un-fixed bugs can cause the site to lose functionality and crash.
  2. Difficult/Slow to Update Content - A good CMS should be saving you time. With the current pace of the market, you don’t have time to wait for a laborious process to share news or new content with your audience. Also, upgrade your CMS once putting up new content becomes a chore. Let your subject matter experts focus on their job, not wrestling with an outdated CMS for simple site updates. The purpose of a CMS is to create ease, not frustration.
  3. Inconsistent Customer Experience - One thing a good CMS platform should do is make it easier to create and format content in a consistent manner that aligns with your brand. Customers expect a dependable CX from the brands they trust, and that means consistent messaging and branding and fresh, tailored content delivered across all channels. Keeping your CMS up-to-date will allow you to provide these kinds of seamless digital experiences that engage customers, wherever they find you.
  4. Site Redesign/Organization Rebrand - A great time to upgrade your CMS platform is during major transitions like a site redesign or organizational rebranding where the site is under construction and/or when site functionality is changing. Consider the changes being made and choose your platform based on the new site, rather than the needs of the old site. Be sure the CMS you choose is suited to both help you achieve your business goals and scale with your growth when you succeed.

You shouldn't be making excuses for why you can't do or post something on your website. If these symptoms sound familiar to you, then it’s time to start looking at your content management options. To start the process, you can organize your wants and needs for a new CMS with our free guide. This will give you an outline of what the next CMS you choose should do for you and what to look for in your search. If you have other questions about the CMS world, or are ready to talk to an expert about next steps in upgrading your CMS platform, drop us a line.

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