7 Reasons To Move Your Organization Off Ektron

Reasons To Move Your Organization Off EktronIn January 2015, Ektron was acquired by Accel-KKR and its product development resources were merged with Episerver, a sister portfolio company. Although Accel leadership has disputed the notion that Ektron is being sunset, the company has very publicly hitched its wagon to its other web-based CMS platform, Episerver, as the product for future platform generations. Accel’s selection of Episerver makes clear that there will not be any additional generations of the Ektron platform.

For organizations that have their site on Ektron a plan for the post-Ektron future is needed now. Below we’ve outlined seven important reasons to recommend an accelerated migration timeline away from Ektron and onto a more future ready CMS like Kentico, Sitecore, Drupal, Wordpress, Sitefinity among others.

The End is Near

No new versions of Ektron will be released other than updates and patches to its current version. "End of life” for the platform is expected by 2020. Delaying the inevitable move from Ektron may expose an organization to undue, avoidable risk and cost. Now is the time to pick a new CMS. 

Frustrating UI

Ektron’s user interface has not aged well. With many links between the Admin UI and the live site there is a high reported incidence of unintended changes or disruptions to live content. Most modern CMS alternatives offer a more intuitive and securely partitioned UI that make concerns over unexpected UI-live site links a non issue.

Difficult Customization

Ektron was built and designed as a platform to be administrated by developers only. Unlike more modern platforms it is not intuitive for content creators and marketers. Development hours and resources are required for simple site additions or edits in Ektron that could be handled independent of the dev staff in better CMS platforms. There are ongoing cost saving opportunities for organizations that migrate to a new CMS.

External Dev Support

The availability of developers who are well-versed and up-to-date on Ektron is limited and dwindling. There is added risk, expense and wait time for organizations requiring external Ektron site support. Every day there are less resources to call on as Ektron maintenance issues arise. 

Content Personalization

The ability to personalize content that engages and delights an audience is critical for modern websites. Enabling visitors to find the content that answers their specific questions is also table stakes for an organization that relies on it's site to drive business. Many Ektron site owners have been unable to personalize content or add site search functionality because it requires additional configuration of the Ektron CMS. Modern CMS platforms offer content personalization  and search capabilities out-of-the-box.


Poor Technical Support

With waning investment in security patches and platform improvement, bugs are likely to continue to take longer to address. Access to the Ektron product team lags behind other CMS platforms that offer around-the-clock support via multiple channels.

Integration and APIs

Ektron is not a pure ASP.NET implementation. It is a retrofitted legacy ASP implementation. This makes for awkward (and expensive) integration efforts and means that many new CMS apps will not work with Ektron without extensive customization.


If your organization is on Ektron, you should research your next CMS now. We can help you decide what platform is right for you.  agencyQ has handled several successful migrations off Ektron. We would like to be a part of the next stage of your organization’s growth. Ready to talk?

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