agencyQ Interviewed for Kentico and Sitecore Expertise

agencyQ was recently recognized by Clutch as a leading developer in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. As a result of our recognition, Clutch reached out to interview our Senior Vice President of Engagement Delivery, Steve Hamilton, on our experiences with Kentico and Sitecore, two important Enterprise Marketing Solutions. 

We’re happy to have had the opportunity to share some insights about these platforms with Clutch. Steve explained that many clients come to agencyQ looking for help addressing the challenge of understanding and truly connecting with their audience. While there are many website builders available for a company to choose from, each client’s unique needs are the most important consideration. As Steve said:

“There are hundreds of platforms out there, and dozens of major players in the space. Each one of those has a correct home—the right customer and profile—but each also has its strengths and weaknesses. The bottom line comes down to evaluating needs and finding the tool which has strengths that best align, as well as weaknesses which are non-damaging to the overarching goals. There is no one-size-fits-all answer; it’s a matter of balancing the need-versus-feature structure.” 

At agencyQ, we believe strongly in both Kentico and Sitecore as all-in-one toolsets. Steve commented on the process we go through when helping a client decide what will be the best fit for them: 

“When we are asked to come in and make a recommendation for customers, engineers will generally spend anywhere from a half day to multiple days with the client, learning requirements and engaging in an exercise of balancing features with timelines, budgets, and all other constraints…most of these platforms will meet 95% of client needs. The art comes in figuring out what lies in the other five percent, and what matters when making an appropriate recommendation.” 

We can’t say that there is simply one feature or aspect of either platform that makes it stand out, because there are hundreds to mention, but our team is awaiting the future Kentico and Sitecore advancements that will make these EMSs even better. 

Thank you to Clutch for thinking of agencyQ and interviewing Steve! Check out the full interview here.

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