Benefits and Culture

We have tried to approach that problem by looking at two questions: 

  1. What can we provide to our employees that compensation cannot buy them, or at least not at the same cost it would be to us?
  2. What benefits best align with our culture – i.e., will lead to professional, adult and fun employees?

At agencyQ, we have made a concerted effort to provide benefits to our employees that only an employer can give them: time back from their day to dedicate toward exercise and healthy living, a wide range of choice of medical plans, employer match on 401(k), employer funded disability insurance and time off to recharge and decompress. We want our employees to feel like agencyQ offers more to them than just financial means. We offer a creative and fun workplace, filled with coworkers who want to produce only the best work for our clients. In order to foster that atmosphere, we have to offer the benefits that allow our team to focus on the work. It’s the only way we know how to attract and keep exceptional talent – and it’s how we put our money where our mouth is.

Why have companies historically been in the business of giving medical benefits to their employees? Precisely because employers can provide those benefits to their employees at a cheaper cost than if they gave the same money to their employees to purchase them directly. At the same time, it keeps employees healthier and happier, which benefits everyone. So if this thinking is accepted throughout business, why then would we not extend the same thinking to the rest of our benefit plans?

If we limit our thinking to what has always been, what benefits are our benefits really creating?

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