Design Thinking & Innovation: agencyQ at ASAE 2019

Part One of a Multi-part Series on Design Thinking & Innovation 


agencyQ will be presenting on “Translating Innovation into Action: Creating Design Sprints for your Association” at the 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Columbus, OH this August. VP of Strategic Design Paige Connor and President Bob Poulin will lead an interactive workshop on how design sprints enable associations to harness the collaborative brainstorming power of design thinking to turn obstacles into opportunities. 

Every level of organization has seen its decision making influenced by design thinking. Leaders turn design thinking from theory to practice with design sprints. The five-day methodology of design sprints accelerates project ideation and development to help organizations create innovative solutions. Teams map challenges, sketch solutions, establish the prevailing concept, create prototypes, and test their idea. By reframing problems as opportunities and aligning stakeholders, design sprints break organizations out of stale patterns and redefine an organization’s understanding of their audience’s needs.

During our presentation, common association challenges will be discussed and attendees will learn to identify challenges best resolved with design sprints, the five-day methodology’s steps, and tactics to elicit unconventional creativity from participants. Attendees will then participate in an interactive mock sprint from preparation through the first and second days of the methodology, resulting in a co-created action plan they can base days 3-5 of the sprint on. The final steps will be reviewed, giving participants a strategic framework to apply design sprints to turn organizational obstacles into opportunities. 

Over the course of the presentation, participants will learn how to: 

  • Identify challenges that are best solved with design sprints.
  • Complete the process of research and preparation needed for a design sprint.
  • Carry out day one and day two activities of a design sprint
  • Apply action plans resulting from days 3 through 5 of a design sprint

Read more on Design Thinking and follow our blog series on how Design Thinking and Design Sprints enable digital transformation as we prepare for the 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition this August.

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