Video: Setting the Sprint Goals - Design Thinking Series

In this second installment of our multi-part series on Design Thinking and Design Sprints, agencyQ's Paige Connor and Bob Poulin continue the conversation with Setting Our Sprint Goals. They discuss how utilizing strategy to decide what we want to achieve throughout and at the end of the process can make all the difference. 

The sprint goals generally call for a more pessimistic outlook on the Design Thinking process, to ensure that all angles are being covered. This is the part of the process when the risks and roadblocks are addressed by considering each one and reframing them as questions. This activity will open up how best to address each one, prioritize them, and help the team step into the mindset for creating the most effective sprint goals.

Watch the video below:


Interested in learning more about Day One of the Design Sprint? Watch the previous video: The Long Term Goal, or the next in the series: Inviting Expertise into the War Room.

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