Video: The Long Term Goal - Design Thinking Series

In this multi-part series on Design Thinking and Design Sprints, Paige Connor and Bob Poulin discuss the main components of Day One of a Design Sprint. We start by discussing The Long Term Goal, and how understanding what you hope to achieve guides the process of performing the sprint. Design Sprints begin on Day One, where the main focus is on creating a common understanding of the problem and setting the long term goal.

This helps establish the reasons for putting the time and effort into this process and serves as a reminder of what you hope to achieve by the end of the Design Sprint. On Day One, the first step in setting your long term goal is to identify the problem to solve and assemble the right team of people with key viewpoints and expertise. 

Watch the video below:

Design Thinking Video Series: The Long Term Goal


Interested in learning more about Day One of the Design Sprint? Watch the second video: Setting the Sprint Goals.

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