AgencyQ client Aftermath Services: On the frontlines of COVID-19

Aftermath, a federally designated provider, offers cleanups, virus prevention, risk assessments, and training. 

In response to COVID-19, many companies are implementing work-from-home policies or temporarily closing, but some are working overtime to help stop the spread directly. Our client Aftermath Services is one such company. 

Experts in biohazard cleanup and remediation, Aftermath built upon its longstanding virucidal disinfection offerings to provide a range of COVID-19 remediation options to give businesses and organizations peace of mind. "When the safety of your workers, customers, and community is on the line, having a trusted partner is key," said Doug Berto, chief executive officer for Aftermath Services. 

For Aftermath, the number of coronavirus-related job requests has expanded dramatically to include companies across many industries and municipal organizations. “The way this thing is spreading is truly like wildfire, and we need to take every action to prevent the spread,” says Vikas Chopra, marketing director at Aftermath. “We want to do our part to flatten the curve.” Through this process, AgencyQ has been helping Aftermath Services reach this new audience by improving its digital marketing practice across multiple channels. 

With a virus eradication program involving CDC and EPA-approved processes, Aftermath is now a federally designated provider of essential services. Beyond comprehensive virucidal cleanups, it also provides virus prevention measures, coronavirus risk assessments, and training to enable an organization’s staff to perform some anti-viral cleaning. 

As one of the largest professional biohazard cleanup services, Aftermath is committed to serving communities across the country and doing its part to combat this epidemic. 

You can learn more about Aftermath and its virus eradication program at its website. ​

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